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Continuous Rotation Micro Servo (1.5 kg.cm)

Continuous Rotation Micro Servo (1.5 kg.cm)

LE 85.00

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This is a high quality continuos rotation servo. This servo rotates can rotate continuos to forward direction or backward direction and allow the control of rotation speed and also the change of direction.It can be controlled using arduino or micro-controller.


  • Continuous rotation
  • Operating voltage: 4.8-6.0VDC
  • Top operating speed: 60-70RPM (4.8-6.0VDC respectively)
  • Torque: 1.2-1.5 kg-cm (4.8-6.0VDC respectively)

Important Notes on How to Use

1- With Regular servos,  you can control the angle and direction of rotation where the motor stop at. The angle of rotation is usually limited by 90 degree clock/anti-clock.

2- While continuous rotation servos we control speed and direction of rotation and the rotation angle is not limited of course.

3- Similar to regular servos, continuous rotation servos are controlled by pulse width which can be easily generated by arduino either using hardware or arduino servo library (click here for more details). 

5- The servo have 3 wires: ground, power and control signal.

6-  As was the case with regular servos, the same PWM settings are used but in this case .9-1ms pulses = fast one direction, 1.5ms = stopped , 2-2.1ms = fast the other direction.

7- Good for making simple moving robots and application that require speed and direction control.

For introduction to servo motors and how to use with Arduino, please click here.

For simplified introduction to pulse width modulation, please click here.




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