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Ball Screw Simple End Support (BF12)

Ball Screw Simple End Support (BF12)

LE 420.00

The BF "simple/floating" support has only a standard ball bearing that provides rotational support on the end of the ball screw opposite of where the drive occurs (typically a motor or pulley). It can only take radial loads and the bearing can move freely in axial direction through the floating housing. It has only one angular bearing as opposed to BK end support which have two angular bearings.

The BF Floating Ballscrew Support Units, or used in combination with the BK Fixed Ballscrew Support Units. For example for a BK12 the counterpart is the BF12. Both BK/BF end supports are sometimes referred to as "pillow block" style

The Bf12 Ballscrew simple support is used with the ballscrew SFU1605 (SFU16xx series) It is assembled of:

ball screw assembly

 BF15 ballscrew simple (floating) end support datasheet



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