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NFC  Black Epoxy sticker NTAG215  anti- metal  30MM

NFC Black Epoxy sticker NTAG215 anti- metal 30MM

LE 35.00

Conventional NFC Tags don’t work when applied to metal surfaces. Because NFC tags work by electromagnetic induction, metal can easily interfere with their operation.

On-metal or Anti-metal NFC Tags are specially manufactured with a protective layer made of ferrite, so that they can work also if stacked directly to a metal surface.


NFC Tag (Sticker) Features

  • Chip: NTAG215 (compatible with all NFC enabled smart phones)
  • Size: round with diameter 30mm 
  • Material: pvc 
  • Color: Black 
  • Protocol: ISO/IEC 14443A
  • Function: read and write
  • Reading distance:  20 mm
  • Anti- metal
  • Designed for use on metal surfaces  

Applications OF NFC

  • Payments (banking)
  • Transportation (Ticket)
  • Access control (hotels, companies, …)
  • Events (exhibits, important events, invitation cards)
  • Business cards
  • Hospitals (Patients data)
  • Farms (Animal and planets identification)
  • Show Rooms (items data)
  • Shipping (product shipping history and specifications).


NFC TAG (Sticker) read/write tutorial using NFC module

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