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Current and Voltage Sensor – MAX471

Current and Voltage Sensor – MAX471

LE 165.00

The MAX471 sensor can measure either current or voltage. It has wide applications specially for battery sensing for portable PCs, smart phones and other systems where battery/DC power-line monitoring is critical. High-side power-line monitoring is especially useful in battery-powered systems, since it does not interfere with the ground paths of the battery chargers or monitors often found in “smart” batteries. The MAX471 can measures battery currents up to ±3A.


  • 3A Sense Capability with built in Sense Resistor
  • 3V to 36V Supply Operation
  • Monitors Both Charge and Discharge
  • Complete High-Side Current Sensing
  • Precision Internal Sense Resistor
  • 2% Accuracy Over Temperature


MAX471 Applications

  • Smart battery packs
  • Test/Measurement systems
  • Battery-operated systems
  • Energy management systems


MAX471 current-voltage sensor Arduino tutorial

MAX471 Datasheet



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