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High Sensitivity Vibration Detection Sensor (Vertical)

High Sensitivity Vibration Detection Sensor (Vertical)

LE 15.00

This is a high sensitivity vibration detection sensor. It detects the slightest motion and trigger a signal. The sensor has a small spring inside a metal tube. When the sensor vibrates, the spring hits the metal tube and the sensor will be activated. The sensor can be used in car alarm, front door alar, toys, security, motion detection and many other applications.


  • Working Voltage: < 12V
  • Max current: 50mA
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 80 C
  • Response time: 2ms
  • Dimensions (excluding pin): 4.77mm (0.19in) diameter x 11.18mm (0.44in) length
  • Weight: 0.22g

SW-18015P vibration sensor datasheet

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