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Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor (KY-032)

Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor (KY-032)

LE 75.00

Ky-032 is an infrared obstacle avoisance sensor. I can sense obstacles in front of moving robot at distance up to 40cm. The object (obstacle) detection distance can be adjusted using potentiometer. Infrared is emitted at a certain frequency,  and when meet an obstacles (reflecting surface), reflected infrared is received and a digital signal ( low level signal) is detected at the OUT pin.


  • Effective Range:    2:40 cm (Adjustable by potentiometer)
  • Voltage Supply:      3.3: 5Vcc
  • Detection Angle:     35°
  • Size: 28mm × 23mm
  • Digital output: LOW obstacle detected / HIGH no obstacle

Ky-032 infrared obstacle avoisance sensor operation guidance and arduino code



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