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Infrared Thermal Camera Sensor (AMG8833)

Infrared Thermal Camera Sensor (AMG8833)

LE 2,300.00

Greetings, we understand you are here because you want to contribute fighting COVID-19 spread in Egypt. Go ahead and make your own thermal camera. 

This infrared camera module is based on AMG8833 sensor from Panasonic. It is an 8x8 array of IR thermal sensors that can be connected to your microcontroller or Arduino and output a photo of 64 infrared temperature readings (64 thermal pixels). 

The infrared thermal camera sensor supports I2C and has a configurable interrupt pin that can be triggered when any single pixel is above or below your set threshold. It can detect humans from a distance of up to 7 meters. It is an excellent choice for creating your own human detector or mini camera. This part will measure temperatures ranging from 0°C to 80°C with reasonable accuracy and frame rate up to 10Hz. 

Please note that this version of the AMG88 infrared array family sensor is the high performance type with a high gain, it is only 3.3V tolerant (don't try to operate it at 5V).


  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V.
  • Current Consumption: 4.5 mA.
  • 8x8 Thermopile Array (64 thermal pixels.
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 80°C.
  • Human Detection Distance: up to 7m.


AMG8833 Datasheet.

Detailed tutorial on IR thermal camera sensor connecting method, Arduino and Raspberry code by Adafruit .





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