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Tire with Motor Coupler (Wheel for Tough Land)

Tire with Motor Coupler (Wheel for Tough Land)

LE 85.00

These tires include 4 mm shaft motor mount coupler with them.

These tires are mounted directly to our powerful metal gears motors

At 120mm in diameter and 60mm wide, these are some seriously  wheels for tough roads, desert sand. The tire is soft black rubber with deep tread and spikes for added traction in rugged terrain.

A coupler is included which bolts to the back of the hub and easily mounts to any motor with a 4mm output shaft. We're selling these coupler with the wheel.

Note: These tires are large and have a lot of grip to them. Because of this, you will need some relatively powerful motors to drive them well.


Diameter: 12 cm

Width: 6 cm