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laser transmitter reciever through beam proximity

Laser Through-Beam Switching Transducer (Transmitter & Receiver -12 M Range)e)

LE 799.00

The through-beam photoelectric switches includes laser transmitter and receiver.Transmitter and receiver are positioned in two separate housings. When interrupting the light beam this will cause a change in the output status of the receiver. 

This laser sensor have a long detection range (up to 12 Meters). Within this range it will detect any object that passes between the Laser emitter and detector.

In addition to the scanning range, the small dimensions of the light spot generated on the object is another advantage of laser technology. This makes it possible to detect small  items in millimeters with maximum switching frequencies of 2,500/s.


  • Operating voltages: 5 - 36VDC.
  • Range: up to 12 M.
  • Stainless-steel M12 thread.
  • Watertight to IP 67.
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +55°C


  • Style: cylinder 
  • Long Detection distance: up to 20 M
  • Precise: can detect tiny objects ( less than 1 cm) with accurate position.
  • Fast response:  <5ms 
  • Strong anti-shock and anti-vibration.
  • Detect any objects with different materials.
  • Water proof (IP67 standard)

Kit Includes:

1 piece Laser transmitter

1 piece Laser receiver




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