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light sensor module

light sensor module

LE 25.00

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This light sensor module  uses the GL5528 photo-resistor to detect the light intensity of the environment. The resistance of the sensor decreases when the light intensity of the environment increases. The LM393  Photosensitive sensor op-amp is configured as a "voltage follower" to increase the accuracy of this device with a mounting screw hole adjusts the brightness of the light detected.

If its dark or light intensity can't Reach the value Then D0 (digital output) is high level

If light intensity above the value Then D0 is low level.

Application Examples

  • You can make a light turn on when it is getting dark.
  • With a laser pointer you can make a cheap intruder alarm.
  • Tracking of solar panels to the sun direction for best solar power generation efficiency.


  • Input Voltage: 3.3V-5V
  • Output: Analog voltage form Digital Switching form
  • Output can be directly connected to the microcontroller I/O port.
  • The sensitivity of the signal detection can be adjusted.

 Pin definition

  • VCC : +ve power supply.

  • GND : Ground.
  • D0 : Digital output signal.
  • A0  : Analog Output Signal.

Note: D0 digital switch output (0 and 1),A0 analog voltage output Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry and other microcontroller board.




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