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Linear Bearing Block SCS10LUU (Long Closed – 10mm Dia)

Linear Bearing Block SCS10LUU (Long Closed – 10mm Dia)

LE 220.00

SCS10LUU is an closed type linear ball bearing with Aluminum block mounted. This bearing is twice as long as the standard linear bearings, and actually contains 2 linear bearings side-by-side in each housing. The inner diameter (which is the same as the shaft diameter) is 10mm. It can be mounted on 10mm linear shaft. It is very common choice for linear motion applications.  

The linear bearing sliding block (sometimes called pillow block) is composed of two main parts: 2 linear bearings and self-aligning aluminum block. The self-aligning aluminum block allows for compensation of any misalignment of inaccuracy in the final assembly. The bearing cage made from special polymers allowing for smooth and noiseless operation.  

It is ideal and low cost solution for CNC and other machinery applications that require smooth motion with minimum friction and at the same time high rigidity and less vibration with affordable cost and easy to assemble operation.  

Linear Bearing Block SCS10UU dimensions and datasheet  



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