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Lithium Battery Charger (TP4056)

Lithium Battery Charger (TP4056)

LE 35.00

TP4056 module is a linear charger for lithium-ion and LIPO batteries. This module can charge batteries consists of single cells. Due to its capability of supplying 4.2V, it is highly suitable for charging 18650 cells and other 3.7V batteries. The charger can be powered by USB source, wall adapter or any other source with 5V and 1A supply.

Thermal feedback automatically adjusts the charge current to limit chip temperature. The charging voltage is fixed at 4.2V, and the charging current can be externally set by a resistor.


The USB used in the module is type C USB connector.


  • Full charge voltage of 4.2V (18650 cells)
  • Over-discharge protection feature which prevents the battery from being discharged below 2.4V by cutting off output power until the battery is recharged above 3V
  • The 5V input voltage is applied through micro USB or solder pads IN+ and IN-
  • The charging current is 1A and it is adjustable. You can change it by connecting a resistor of 1kΩ at IN- pad(PSA)
  • It can protect the battery from overcharging
  • Soft start protection is provided to limit the inrush currents
  • It can protect the battery from overcurrent and short circuits by cutting off the output from the battery, for example in a case when the discharge rate becomes greater than 3A



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