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NiMH Rechargeable Battery (7.2V-3000mAh)

NiMH Rechargeable Battery (7.2V-3000mAh)

LE 1,200.00

This is  a heavy duty and high capacity rechargeable NIMH (Nickel Metal Hydride). It is rated at 7.2 V and 3000 mAh capacity. It is a new generation of NIMH which does not suffer from memory effect.  

The battery is equipped with barrel female Tamiya connector for charging and 2 wires (black and red) to be connected to your device that you want to power. It is suitable for heavy duty and applications that require strong battery that last long.

This battery can be charged with our DC charger adaptor with male Tamiya connector specially designed for 7.2V mah batteries.


  • Voltage:                   >7.2V
  • Capacity:                 3000mAh
  • Discharge Rate:      >10A
  • Size:                       24*45*135 mm
  • Weight:                   350g




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