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OV7725 Camera Module (HD – IR Filter)

OV7725 Camera Module (HD – IR Filter)

LE 575.00

The OV7725 is a high performance HD camera module. It incorporates a 640 x 480 image array, capable of operating at 60 frames per second in VGA mode with complete user control over image quality, formatting and output data transfer.

The high performance of OV7725 camera module make it suitable for HD embedded applications such industrial machine vision. You may use high speed MCU such as STM32, Tiva C, Raspberry pi and ESP32.


  • High performance, suitable for machine vision and industrial inspection applications
  • High sensitivity for low-light applications
  • Saturation automatically adjust (UV adjust)
  • Noise Reduction automatically adjust
  • Automatic exposure control - Automatic gain control
  • Automatic white balance - Automatic elimination of light streaks


  • Image sensor: OV7725
  • Photosensetive Array: 640 x 480
  • Sensitivity: 3V / (Lux-sec)
  • Frame rate: 60fps
  • Viewing angle: 25 degrees
  • Operating voltage: DC 3.3V
  • Communication: serial I2C

OV7725 image sensor datasheet

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