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PAM8406 Audio Amplifier (2X5W Digital Stereo Speakers)

PAM8406 Audio Amplifier (2X5W Digital Stereo Speakers)

LE 120.00

PAM8406 module is Class-D stereo audio amplifier that can and could drive two 5W + 5W stereo speakers directly and produce high-quality sound reproduction. The Pam8406 can operate from a 5V USB power supply or batteries and includes left and right channel volume control potentiometers for ease of use. It has short circuit protection and thermal protection.

It can be used in any DIY design requiring a miniature audio amplifier. With efficiency up to 90%, it is well suited to portable and mobile applications operating on battery power.


  • Operating voltage: 2.5V-5.
  • Can be powered with a computer USB port or Battery
  • Directly drive 2- 8Ω speakers
  • Noise suppression
  • Volume controls for left and right channels
  • Module has short-circuit current and over-temperature protection




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