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PTC Heater Plate with Aluminum Shell (12V -120°C)

PTC Heater Plate with Aluminum Shell (12V -120°C)

LE 170.00

This Aluminum shell PTC heating plate has many advantages: the structure is quite simple, supply constant temperature, Safe to use, it can be easily installed, provided with surface insulation, 15cm high temperature resistant lead wires and can be dry heated for a long time.

You can build so many amazing things with this small 12v DC Heater, for example: solar or battery operated egg incubator boiler, yogurt maker, coffee maker, instant water heater, hair straightener, tea maker, solar or battery operated egg boiler or egg hatching machine, water boiler, chocolate extrusion, foot bath devices, room heater, and can also be used for car heating and components preheating.


  • Voltage supply: 12 VDC
  • MAX Current    : 2 A
  • non polarity     :  connect 12V + to any wire .
  • Constant surface temperature: 80  - 120 °C
  • Size: 35 x 20 x 5mm
  • Wire length: Appx.140mm
  • Heat material: PTC Thermistor
  • Heat methods: heat conduction
  • Surface insulation: YES




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