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PWM to Voltage Converter Module

PWM to Voltage Converter Module

LE 180.00

This is a pulse width (PWM) to voltage converter. It converts the PWM digital signals into 0 to 10V analog signals. It can be used as signal interface switching for PLC or other industrial control boards.

The output voltage is proportional to the duty ratio of the PWM. You can select the pulse width signal voltage level using a jumper. The PWM input level voltage can be selected from 4,5V to 10V (micro-controller operating level) or from 12V to 24V (PLC signal voltage operating level).


  • PWM signal input level range (Adjustable): ( 4.5V : 10V) and (12V : 24V PLC level)
  • Conversion range: 0%-100% PWM to 0-10V
  • PWM Receiver Frequency:1KHZ-3KHZ


PWM to voltage converter manual



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