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Relay Module for Arduino (2 Channels - 5V)

Relay Module for Arduino (2 Channels - 5V)

LE 50.00

You can not control switching on/off your home lamp or laundry directly with arduino or microcontroller. To do that you need relay module.

This relay module consists of 2 relays. Each relay is connected to a current  buffer so that you can connect them directly to a Microcontroller or Arduino.

Using these relays you can easily control high power devices or appliances using arduino or microcontrollers, the relay is rated for 230V 10Amps. The Module has 5 LED's, one for power and 2 for indicating relay signals.


Rating:  10A  (250V AC or 30 V DC)

Input (Control) voltage: 5V DC

How to connect

The connections to your Arduino (or microcontroller) side:

  • VCC - supply voltage. 5V from my Arduino.
  • IN1 - set to HIGH to set the relay to its "default" state, set to LOW to switch the relay to its alternate state
  • IN2 - same as IN1, but controls the second relay on the board
  • GND - ground


The connections to your power Device side:

  • NC: Normally close
  • COM: Common
  • NO: Normally open

For how to connect relay module with arduino and arduino code, please click here




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