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NFC Wristband  (Silicon Bracelet - NTAG215)

NFC Wristband (Silicon Bracelet - NTAG215)

LE 75.00

NFC NTAG215 silicone bracelet wristband is suited for NFC access control applications such as conferences, sports club, member management, payment tracking and also waterproof applications. It is 13.56 MHZ frequency NFC , lightweight and waterproof.

  • Chip: NTAG215 (compatible with all NFC enabled smart phones)
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz (High Frequency)
  • Reading time: 1 - 2 ms
  • Storage capacity: 144 bytes
  • Read and write times:> 100,000 times
  • Reading distance:  20 mm
  • Data retention:> 10 years
  • NFC chip material: PET + etching antenna
  • Lockable 

      color   blue 

Applications OF NFC

  • Payments (banking)
  • Transportation (Ticket)
  • Access control (hotels, companies, ...etc)
  • Events (exhibits, important events, invitation 
  • Hospitals (Patients data)
  • Farms (Animal and planets identification)
  • Show Rooms (items data)
  • Shipping (product shipping history and specifications).


NTAG 213 IC datasheet

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