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Rotary Position Sensor Module

Rotary Position Sensor Module

LE 120.00

This rotary position sensor is based on on Murata SV01A103AEA01R00 rotary sensor which is widely used in wipers and automotive. The sensor rotary position (angle from 0 degree to 333.3 degree). This is high reliability dust proof rotary sensor module.  


  • Effective Rotational Angle: 333.3°

  • Total Resistance Value: 10kΩ 

  • Rated Voltage: 5Vdc 

  • Torque(max.): 2mN.m 

  • Torque(max.): 2mN.m 

  • Rotational Life(max.): 1M cycles 

  • Operating Temperature Range: -40℃ to 85℃ 


Rotary position sensor SV01A103AEA01R00 datasheet

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