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Rotary Angle Encoder Module

Rotary Angle Encoder Module

LE 80.00

The rotary angle encoder module is used to measure both angles and RPM. The Rotary encoder is an incremental encoder as has no limit for number of counting (This way it is different than potentiometer). It can also detect clockwise and counter clockwise rotation and that’s why it has 2 pins for detecting rotation.  

Basically, it translates the  rotary motion into a sequence of pulse signals. By comparing the square wave generated from each of the two pins you can determine the direction of rotation. and by counting the number of pulses you can determine both the rotation angle and the RPM of the rotating shaft. 


  • Operating Voltage:                       3- 5V
  • NOF pulses per Cycle:             20 pulses
  • NOF Cycles:                               unlimited
  • Rotation Direction Detection:   clockwise and counter clockwise 
  • Dimensions:                               32 x 15 mm


Rotary encoder datasheet and connection tutorial

Rotary encoder tutorial with arduino  



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