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Slide Potentiometer Module (5K)

Slide Potentiometer Module (5K)

LE 135.00

This slide potentiometer module  has two linear variable resistor with resistance of 5k. In most applications you will only require three connections to your Arduino (i.e., VCC, GND and Output A/B)

Its output voltage will range between 0 V to the VCC you apply. The module is equipped with knob 

A slide potentiometer, offers some benefits to an operator interface.  For example, controlling up and down, forward and reverse, left and right, can be confusing when incorporating a rotary potentiometer.  Slide potentiometers, when positioned correctly, can lessen that confusion.


  • Size 90mm (L), 20 mm (W), 30mm (H) Knob height above pcb 26.7mm Slider 
  • Input volt : 5v
  • Output: Analog Voltage from 0.0V to VCC.
  • Resistance: 5 k

Application Ideas

  • Voltage divider: a linear circuit that produces an output voltage as a fraction of its input voltage
  • Human interface device (HID)for controlling panels

For slide potentimeter module applications and Arduino code, please click here



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