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Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor

Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor

LE 3,900.00

This sensor is a combination of soil moisture and soil temperature sensor (2 in 1). The sensor is compact in size, easy to carry, simple to install, operate and maintain, convenient To Use. It is less affected by soil salinity and is suitable for various soil types. It can be buried in the soil for a long time. The sensor has excellent corrosion resistance and completely waterproof.

This Soil Moisture and Temperature sensor is  quick responsive, high precision & portable Sensor that works with Modbus RS485.  All you need is to insert its probe in soil and get the reading using your MCU (Arduino, Tiva C, Raspberry, Personal computer).


  • Supply Voltage:  5 - 24V
  • Soil Moisture Measurements Range: 0~100%RH
  • Soil Temperature Measurements Range: -30 ~ 70 ° C
  • Soil Moisture Measurements Accuracy: ±2% (m3/m3)
  • Soil Temperature Measurements Accuracy: ±0.2°C
  • Output Signal:  RS485
  • Protection : IP68
  • Response Time :  ≤ 1 sec




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