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Solar/USB Charger for Lithium Batteries (LIPO Rider)

Solar/USB Charger for Lithium Batteries (LIPO Rider)

LE 110.00

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This device usually called LIPO Rider. It is connected to solar panel (0.5 /1/1.5) watt  from one side and use the solar energy to:

1- Charge Lithium Ploymer or Ion battery (Stand alone mode). 

2- and at the same time is used as Power Supply for USB devices (USB Mode).

This makes the LIPO Rider solution for your outdoor sensor design. Attach the Lipo Rider board to your sensor board and it can run on solar power forever.

3- In case solar power is not sufficient, there is additional  microUSB port allows you to charge your lithium battery through USB. It can also be used to program your Arduino Kit without detaching the Lipo Rider board (program mode).

The Lipo Rider can be purchased as a separate board or as a kit (Lipo Rider + Lithium Battery + Solar Panel) from Future Electronics Egypt (Arduino Egypt).

Standalone Mode

Solar Power charges lithium battery

USB Mode

Solar Power charges lithium battery. Lithium battery supplies destination USB device

Program Mode

Source USB will charge lithium battery and power destination USB device. Data connection will be enabled between source and destination USB devices so you can send data also from source to destination (for example to arduino) through usb. 

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