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Solid State Relay Module  (1 Channels - 5V)

Solid State Relay Module (1 Channels - 5V)

LE 85.00

You cannot control switching on/off your home lamp or laundry directly with arduino or microcontroller. To do that you need relay module. It offers control of higher voltage and current from low signal controller (for example Arduino) You can control AC appliances using Arduino and Relay in between.

This is 1-Channel Solid State Relay Module (SSR). Solid State Relay is the same function like that of mechanical relay with the main difference is that, there is no moving contact in a Solid-State Relay. Solid state relays do have several advantages over mechanical relays. One such advantage is that they can be switched by a much lower voltage and at a much lower current than most mechanical relays. Also, because there’s no moving contacts, solid state relays can be switched much faster and for much longer periods without wearing out. Finally, they are much lighter weight and smaller dimensions.


Channels: 1

Input (Control) voltage: 5V DC

Controlled Voltage: 220V AC

Current Load: 2A

Trigger Voltage:0-1.5V

Trigger Current:2mA


Solid state relay module (ssr) arduino tutorial

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