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Sound Sensor (High Sensitivity)

Sound Sensor (High Sensitivity)

LE 330.00

 Sound sensor module with analog and digital output. It works with supply voltage from 3.3 V to 5.3 V. It allows you to detect not only the volume of the sound but also the identification of characteristic sound source, therefore you can distinguish the source of the sound.

 Besides GND and 5V input, there is a pin named "A" which can output a analog value, and a pin named "D" which can output a digital value (0 or 1). The gain which can be set by the potentiometer named "A". The potentiometer named "A" is used to regulate the amplifying times of audio signal. The potentiometer named "D" is used to set the threshold of the digital output (at which environment sound level pin D will output a HIGH voltage).


  •  supply voltage range:3.3V - 5.3V
  • Audio signal gain up to 200
  • Adjustable analog output
  • Adjustable digital output

 Detection Pattern

 How to connect and use the sound sensor module.



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