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Stainless Lead Screw with Nut ( 8mm x 1000mm)

Stainless Lead Screw with Nut ( 8mm x 800mm)

LE 270.00

Lead screw is a linear motion mechanism that is used to transform stepper motor rotary motion into quick and accurate and precise linear motion positioning so you can move your CNC axis into the XYZ position required.

Lead screws are self-locking (they stay where they are with no need for braking mechanism). In addition to low cost, this make them better solution for vertical motion  (Z direction)

This is stainless steel precision trapezoidal (metric) lead screws with pitch and diameter are a perfect combination of high torque and speed.  It comes with lead screw brass nut.


  • Trapezoidal screw type
  • Lead Screw Diameter ∅ 8 (mm)
  • Pitch 2 (mm)
  • Lead 2 (mm)
  • Length: 800 (mm)
  • Stainless Steel

Package Includes

  • Lead Screw X 1
  • Brass lead screw Nut x1



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