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WeAct Studio STM32H750 Development Board

WeAct Studio STM32H750 Development Board

LE 2,300.00

This is development board for the STM32H750 including  0.96" SPI TFT display and OV7725 M12  camera module. It is a great way to add a powerful STM chip to your next project. Featuring the STM32H750VBT6, this chip has 1024KB of RAM, 8MB of QSPI Flash, and runs at 480 MHz. 


    • STM32H750VBT6 ARM Cortex M7 Architecture with FPU floating point unit, complete DSP instruction and memory protection unit MPU
    • 480Mhz, 128KB ROM, 1MB RAM
    • Tactile Switches: NR (reset) button, a B0 (DFU bootloader) button, and a K1 (User) button
    • MicroSD slot
    • 8 MB SPI chip (for storage)
    • 8 MB QSPI memory (for program/flash)
    • SWD debug/programming breakout (requires an external STLink compatible programmer)

STM32H750 Development Board Kit Includes

      • STM32H750 Development Board
      • 0.96" SPI TFT display
      • OV7725  camera module

Github STM32H750 Development Board documentation



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