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TLC7528CN - Dual 8-bit D/A Converter

TLC7528CN - Dual 8-bit D/A Converter

LE 40.00

The TLC7528 are dual, 8-bit, digital-to-analog converters (DACs) designed with separate on-chip data latches and feature exceptionally close DAC-to-DAC matching.

The TLC7528 operate from a 5V to 15V power supply and dissipates less than 15 mW (typical). The 2- or 4-quadrant multiplying makes these devices a sound choice for many microprocessor-controlled gain-setting and signal-control applications. The TLC7528 can be operated in voltage mode, which produces a voltage output rather than a current output. 

  • Resolution            8 Bits
  • Voltage                4.75-15.75 V
  • Sample Rate        10 MSPS
  • Channels              2
  • Package               PDIP

 TLC7528 dual digital to analog converter datasheet



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