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TMC2208 V1.2 Stepper Motor Driver for 3D Printer

TMC2208 V1.2 Stepper Motor Driver for 3D Printer

LE 220.00

The TMC2208 is an advanced and powerful stepper driver. It is mostly used in 3D printers’ driver motors with continuous drive current 1.2A, peak current 2A, voltage range 4.75V-36V. The TMC2208 stepper driver supports 256 micro steps (very smooth stepper motor motion) and also supports stealthChop mode of operation. StealthChop enable completely silences stepper motors by eliminating the noise caused by unsynchronized motor coil chopper operation, PWM jitter, and regulation noise. In addition, The TMC2208 has much better thermal dissipation and cooling performance which means more heavy duty and longer life of the driver 

The TMC2208 can be used as an upgrade of stepper driver such as A4988 or DRV8825 on Ramps style board or MKS GEN L board (this is called legacy mode). It can be used also in standalone mode or in UART mode where the stepper motor setting and tuning can be done through simple serial UART interface with your micro-controller. This make the TMC2208 driver flexible to use with any 3d printing board or technology without the need to redesign or make software or hardware changes.

This TMC2208 stepper driver is provided with heat sink to protect the board from overheating.


  • Configuration: Step/DIR or UART
  • Micro-steps: 1/256
  • Current Loading: 1.2A continuous, 2A peak
  • Supply Voltage: 4.75 : 36V
  • Single Wire UART: for advanced configuration options



TMC2208 datasheet

Excellent intrsstuctable showing UART Serial Control of Stepper Motors With the TMC2208, Ramps 1.4 and Marlin

TMC2208 Three way of control, part one: legacy mode

TMC2208 Three way of control, part two: standalone mode

TMC2208 Three way of control, part three: UART mode



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