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RFID USB Reader (125khz )

RFID USB Reader (125khz )

LE 480.00

This is 125 khz RFID with read capabilities that can be easily connected to your computer through usb. It work under windows and need no driver and no need for power supply as it is powered by the USB.

 It very simple to use either directly write to any open application such as word or excel  where the ID of the card you read will be written directly to the application. The other method is to download the application below where you can use it to read your RFID card.


  • 125 khz  Cards / Tags
  • Read only capability
  • USB  interface
  • No external power source needed
  • No  need USB driver installation
  • Built-in LED and buzzer
  • Built-in transceiver antenna
  • Read distance : ISO card (~2-3 cm)
  • Free writer program
  • Reader size : (105x70x10)mm

How Does It Work?

Directly Through AutoSetup:

  1. In this case all what you need is to connect to RFID to your computer through usb and windows will automatically detect the RFID (you will hear the RFID buzzer peeping and LED will turned on).
  2. The computer detect the RFID as a keyboard device, so when reading a card or tag it will be written directly to whatever application is open (Microsoft word, excel, access, costume software).



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