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Load Cell Amplifier - HX711

Load Cell Amplifier - HX711

LE 160.00

This 24-bit analog to digital and signal conditioning module  is designed specifically for weight scales, weight sensor and industrial control applications to interface directly with a bridge sensor. The module is based on HX711 chip.

In most Load cells and weight sensors the output range of a strain gauge is very small and thus the signal needs to be amplified before processing to prevent introduction of errors. 

This module is used for amplifying the weight sensor and converting its analog sensor to digital one, therefore increasing the measurement accuracy. The output to your micro-controller /Ardunino is serial.

The module can be connected to 2 weight sensors at the same time. The module also provide power directly to sensors through out+ pin


  • Operating Voltage:  2.7V--5V.
  • Operating Current: 1.5mA.

Pin Connection


On the weight sensor side

On arduino side:

  • Red       : Vcc
  • Black     : Weight sensor GND
  • White    : Signal +ve
  • Green    : Signal -ve
  • Yellow   : (Shield)
  • Vdd   :3.3V
  • Vcc   : 5v
  • DAT  : Digital Output
  • CLK  : Clock
  • GND  : Ground

For Arduino code and library file, please click here

For HX711 datasheet, please click here

Sparkfun detailed tutorial for weight scale\load cell amplifier HX711



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