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DC-DC Adjustable Step-up Power Converter  Module- XL6009

DC-DC Adjustable Step-up Power Converter Module- XL6009

LE 100.00

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  XL6009 Module is A non-isolated step-up (boost) voltage converter featuring adjustable output voltage and high efficiency.


  • Modules Type: Non-isolated step-up (Boost)
  • Rectification: Non-synchronous rectification
  • Input voltage: 3V- 32V
  • Output Voltage: 5-35V (Adjustable)
  • Input Current: 4A (max), no-load 18mA (5V input, 8V output, no-load is less than 18mA. (Higher the voltage, the greater the load current.)
  • Rated Output Current: 3.0A
  • Peak Output Current: 4.0A
  • Conversion efficiency: <94% (the Higher the current, the lower the efficiency)
  • Output Ripple: 50mV (the higher the voltage, the greater the current, the greater the ripple)
  • Load regulation: ± 0.5%
  • Voltage regulation: ± 0.5%
  • Switching Frequency: 400KHz
  • Size:  43mm * 21mm * 14mm (L * W * H)
  • Short circuit protection: current limiting, since the recovery
  • Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 ℃ to +85 ℃) 
  • Full load temperature rise: 40 ℃


  • IN+ input positive
  • IN- input negative!
  • OUT+ output positive
  • OUT- output negative 

Test sample reference

  • Input 3V Output 12V 0.4A 4.8W
  • Input 5V Output 12V 0.8A 9.6W
  • Input 7.4V Output 12V 1.5A 18W
  • Input 12V Output 15V 2A 30W
  • Input 12V Output 16V 2A 32W
  • Input 12V Output 18V 1.6A 28.8W
  • Input 12V Output 19V 1.5A 28.5W
  • Input 12V Output 24V 1 A 24W
Vin * Iin * Efficiency = Vout * Iout
Vin: Input Voltage
Iin: input current
Vout: Output Voltage
Iout: output current


  • Low voltage to high voltage Power Supply
  • Power supply for electronic equipment
  • Battery Powered Lab Power Supply
  • Hand-held electronics that runs on high voltage but needs to run on low voltage batteries



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