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Magnetic Encoder – Rotary Position Sensor (AS5600) with Small Ring Magnet .

Magnetic Encoder – Rotary Position Sensor (AS5600) with Small Ring Magnet .

LE 260.00

AS5600 is a programmable 12-bit high-resolution contactless magnetic rotary position sensor. AS5600 can work as a magnetic potentiometer or a magnetic encoder with excellent reliability and durability.

Compared with the traditional potentiometer/encoder, AS5600 has significant advantages: high precision, non-contact, no limits on rotation angle. All those advantages making it suitable for non-contact angle measurement applications, such as the robot arm, tripod head, motor closed-loop control, machine tool axis positioning.


  • Non-contact, no rotation angle limitation
  • 12-bit high-resolution, 4096 positions per round
  • I2C (digital) or PWM (Analog) Output

Working Principle

AS5600 is based on the Hall Effect (the chip contain 4 hall effect sensor arranged in a circle). The build-in Hall sensor can detect changes in the direction of the magnetic field. The magnetic field direction information is amplified by the amplifier, with the help of the build-in 12-bit A/D, the AS5600 module can output 4096 positions per round.


 The output is selectable, you can either use the I2C interface to output the RAW data or output the PWM wave/Analog wave via the OUT pin. Meanwhile, the maximum angle is also programmable, you can set the maximum angle from 18° to 360°, which means that the measured angular accuracy is up to 18/4096 =0.005 degree resolution.


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